Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...Let Down Your Golden Hair

After leaving castle Romrod, we drove to the next town over. It is a cute little town called Alsfeld, supposed to be known for Little Red Riding Hood, or Little Red Cap as she is known there. We parked the car and trekked into the Alstadt area (old town) to find a market going on. We meandered through the stands and little shops and came upon the Toursist Information office. Once inside we found a few souvenirs for our classroom and inquired about the Fairy Tale House, although we suspected it was closed. Unfortunately we were right, but we still walked down the narrow cobblestone lane to take some pictures. On the weekends the Fairy Tale House is open and they have fairy tale characters dressed up telling stories. We searched everywhere for references to Little Red Cap cut could not find one picture or sign. We had a bit of a drive ahead of us, so we headed back to the car.

We drove through the beautiful lush countryside on back one-lane roads for over an hour to Trendelburg, Germany. There we would find our castle where we would be spending the next two nights. Trendelburg is a definite stop on Fairy Tale Road because it is where Rapunzel's tower is, and when we arrived we could see Rapunzel's long yellow braid dangling from the top of the tower. We were awestruck by how gorgeous the castle was, and wheeled our luggage across the narrow bridge and under the tunnel to the front door. We could not figure out how to get in, so we walked around the side of the castle and what we saw took our breath away. On the other side of the caslte was a terrace with little tables overlooking the hillside of the valley. We could not wait to drop our bags off, and head back out to enjoy this spectacular view. We sipped our drinks and ate dessert while birds circled over our heads. My imagination was definitely working overtime... The castle itself was the exact opposite of the castle we had stayed in the night before. While that one had been modern, this one is exactly what you would picture from long ago, complete with armored knights in each hallway and a cellar lit by candlelight. The days we spent in Trendelburg were just the chance we needed to not rush everywhere and take it easy after the frantic pace we had been going at the entire time. The next day we visited the Tourist Office in Trendelburg, just down the hill from Rapunzel's Tower. The man who worked there was beyond helpful and loved his job. He gave us a lot of information, and we told him we would return the next day. Next we drove to.........

Another castle. This is the castle where a sleeping princess waits for the kiss of her prince after she pricks her finger. Sleeping Beauty's caslte, also known as Sababurg. It is surrounded by forests, where they even have a zoo of sorts. We walked around the grounds a bit, and ended up at a table on the terrace overlooking the acres surrounding the castle. We spent most of the day there just absorbing the beauty of the castle.

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