Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Simply Wonderful Day Part 2

Our last night at the barn was bittersweet. Liz had a group of Americans that arrived to stay the night, along with a few men from Scotland, and then there was us, and Mary, and Una, and Liz. We all had a splendid lasagna dinner, but I was a little restless for the after dinner part. After dinner and pie was cleaned up, we all gathered in the story room in chairs that had been set up in a circle. Many people from the surrounding area came to join us, a few new people entering through the red door every 5-10 minutes for awhile, most with their own instruments. Liz started everyone out with a story, and people took turns either telling a story, singing a song, or playing music. Liz was almost like an MC, and she would ask someone if they would like to share something or sing. As we sat there, captivated by everyone's talent, I wished I had prepared something ahead of time to share, but I am a mess if I am not prepared for something. Four of the people there were a family, and they all played different instruments and performed different songs at the session. They were remarkable. I cannot put into words what we felt as we experienced the true hospitality and talent of all of these remarkable people, and it is something that can never be recreated for me. It is something we will never forget. I plan to go back one day, and next time, I will be prepared to share something myself. Here are some photo and video highlights. Turn your volume way up.

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